Group Benefit Quoting v2.0

Welcome to the Group Benefit Quoting API.

The Zywave Group Quoting API allows users to access our extensive Plan and Rate dataset by running group quotes. The first step in the process is authentication (See Setting up a service account)

Once authenticated, the general steps involved include:

  1. Create an Account to quote:

    The only account (group) related detail needed to start your quote is an Account Name. (All other account related details are collected in Step 2) You will either Post to create a new account or Get to use one previously created.

  2. Share Census and quote level details:

    Each quote needs a few details to return eligible plans and accurate rates.

At the broker and account level we need:

  1. Get the Quote.

Quoted plan and premium information will now be available for each plan and coverage group included in your quote. You can choose to get full details on all plans returned in your quote, or you could set up your next calls to be based on criteria like top 50 plans with lowest total premium.

  1. Retrieve Quoted plan details.

Using a combination of QuoteID and PlanID from Step 3, you can now retrieve plan details, benefit items and detailed rates for specified plans returned in your quote.

If you have saved the plan details and benefit items for a given PlanID previously you would not need to send another request, as these are not specific to a quote. The rate details are quote specific and will need to be called for each plan.