Key Concepts & Definitions

What is a coverage group? and other common questions...

Plan data curation and review

Data accuracy is paramount for CPQ. Zywave's Carrier Data team goes through a series of rigorous quality checks on all the carrier data we publish to our quoting system.

Carrier availability

Visit our [Small Group Carrier Map]( which includes a list of carriers and lines of coverage by state, as well as other details regarding the data source and where the Carrier Data team is in the data curation process.

Coverage groups

Zywave defines a coverage group as the plan offering. This is an identifier, like High Deductible or Gold plan, that makes it easy for you to identify employees by plan assignment in the quote. The premium for each plan in a quote is based on the members assigned to a specific coverage group.

For example, an employer has 3 medical plan offerings employees can choose from. Half the employees are currently enrolled in Offering A, a quarter in Offering B, and the remaining in Offering C. Your census should define which of these each member is enrolled in: Offering A, Offering B or Offering C.

Coverage groups can be named in any way that will make it easy for the end user to identify the group of employees by assignment. This could be the current plan name or a plan attribute, like HMO or Gold plan. If all employees are enrolled in the same plan you would name the coverage group Medical, Dental, or Vision. If an employee has waived coverage, their coverage group is defined as Waived.